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Pathway to Connection

Land Explained has created a seven step pathway to connection with Earth, Nature, and more fulfilling outdoor experiences. We offer products for each step along the way to make your journey easy and enjoyable.


Step 2. Keep going...

Know the realms >>

Step 1. Start your journey…

Opt In for Earth >>

Did you know you can love Planet Earth the way our ancestors once did? Choose to have a lifelong relationship with our only home—it’s endlessly rewarding and the best way to show your gratitude. Our products get you started.

Did you know love requires some understanding? Loving Earth is no different. Get familiar with Earth’s nine global realms and their fundamental themes. Learn them to make sense of Earth and Nature at their broadest levels; our products make it easy.

Step 3. Go further...

Rediscover your region >>

Did you know each region is a unique manifestation of Earth’s big themes? See the landscapes you care about in a new light to nurture your growing love of Earth and expand your understanding of its themes. Our regional tales make it enjoyable for you.

Did you know each one of us still harbors ancient talents for sensing, understanding, and appreciating Earth? Hone these ancestral skills for being outdoors in Nature to deepen your connection with our planet. We offer simple tips and practices that show you how.

Step 5. Go deeper...

Practice engagement >>

Did you know we’re all in this together, from raindrops to pebbles, pine trees to people? Strengthen your bonds with Earth by using little things you find as portals to empathy, understanding, and connection. Our products give you examples from your own region.

Did you know the more you learn the more amazing Earth becomes? Build profound appreciation for our planet by tapping into science to understand the hidden forces and events shaping Earth and Nature. Our regional science distillations give you insight for a stronger, more informed connection with the natural world and your region.

Step 6. Go beyond...

Use science >>

Step 7. Go outside...

Get out on the land >>

Did you know land puts you in touch with Earth and Nature better than anything else? It translates all the steps you’ve taken, all your sensations and experiences into the reality of a rocky slope, a forested hollow, or a trickling brook. And it’s where you’ll find connection. Our maps and interpretations show you the way.

nature scene

Connection is a lifelong practice that grows richer the more you do it. Visit our marketplace to see how we can make your path easy and enjoyable.

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Step 4. Carry on...

Awaken old abilities >>

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