Pathway to Connection

Land Explained has created a seven step pathway to connection with Earth, Nature, and more fulfilling outdoor experiences. We offer products for each step along the way to make your journey easy and enjoyable.


Step 2. Keep going...

Build a foundation >>

Step 1. Start your journey…

Opt In for Earth >>

Choose to start a lifelong relationship with our home planet based on love, respect, and gratitude. It’s endlessly rewarding and the best way to save it, but challenging in this culture. Our products help you stick with your choice.

Cut to the heart of it all, Earth’s fundamental themes. These are the story lines that propel the natural world and how you'll make sense of Nature at the broadest level. Our global realm offerings help you master them.

Step 3. Go further...

Rediscover your region >>

See Earth’s themes at work in the landscapes you care about. Each natural region has its own unique character and backstory you ought to know to enrich your sense of place. Our regional tales make it easy for you.

Step 4. Carry on...

Awaken old abilities >>

Hone your ancestral skills for being outdoors in Nature. With a little training, they’ll revive and you'll be able to deepen your connection with the natural world. Our tips and practices show you how.

Step 5. Go deeper...

Practice engagement >>

Relate to Earth and Nature. Use little things you pick up outdoors as portals to deeper empathy and understanding of realm, region, and kinship. Our products describe the approach and give you regionally unique examples.

Perceive more by tapping into our collective knowledge. Lifetimes of study have revealed hidden forces and events that shape Nature. Our science distillations deliver the insight you need for a deeper understanding of your region.

Step 6. Go beyond...

Use science >>

Step 7. Go outside...

get out on the land >>

Experience yourself in Nature. Land translates all the steps you’ve taken into the reality of a rocky slope, a forested hollow, or a trickling brook; it’s the place where connection happens. Our maps and interpretations show you the way.

nature scene

Connection is a lifelong practice that grows richer the more you do it. Visit our marketplace to see how we can make your path easy and enjoyable.

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