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Your Path to Better Outdoor Experiences

These seven steps will give you the knowledge and skills to know the outdoors on a personal level. Something else you should know...
our top priority is to always keep it factual and fun.

Step 1: Make the choice. 

Earth is miraculous. Taking your experiences to the next level starts with acknowledging this fact and making a commitment to know it better. 


>> see how we make this step fun>>


We've designed the Opt In logo to symbolize your choice and placed it on a lineup of everyday items to keep it top of mind

Step 2: Know the realms. 

Making sense of the  outdoors can seem overwhelming so we tune it out. But it's easy If you start at the global level. Discover Earth's nine realms and their  themes for a basic understanding of everything  outdoors.

>> see how we make this step fun>>


We've spun Earth's components and operating principles into something  mystical and profound, and made them available on a range of products. 

Step 3: Awaken old abilities. 

You inherited talents  for being in Nature from your ancestors. With a little training and practice, you can revive and start using them  for greater awareness and comfort in the outdoors.  

>> see how we make this step fun>>


We've used beads to teach the basic skills and how to apply them to the realms. You'll have a choice of handy formats for easy mastery.

Step 4: Learn your region. 

This is where it gets specific. Each region puts its own spin on Earth's nine realms. You can claim to know your region only after you've gotten familiar with what it looks like, its variety, and its backstories.

>> see how we make this step fun>>


We've  authored  fanciful but true tales for each region's realms. They come with pictures on varied media to help you get to know them.

Step 5: Start engaging. 

Dig deeper into your region and build empathy as you do. It takes practice to unlearn habits of seeing ourselves as separate from everything else. Once you succeed, you'll find Nature's filled with portals to help you connect with the outdoors and become a true participant.

>> see how we make this step fun>>


We've created different kinds of blocks with real examples from your region that show how to engage with the little things. 

Step 6: Expand your knowledge. 

Now science joins the mix in a supporting role to help you understand your region. Its systematic processes have discovered what our senses can't discern. Use its findings to heighten your own experience of the outdoors.

>> see how we make this step fun>>


Our science globes let you explore real experiences you can have in this region and some underlying science. They come in innovative formats to make it more of a challenge.

Step 7: Explore the land. 

Land—a certain rocky slope, a special forested hollow, or a favorite trickling brook—is where all the steps come together. Grow your personal relationship with the outdoors: apply the science, engage, see the tales and realms in action, practice your skills, and reaffirm your choice.

>> see how we make this step fun>>


We build beautiful maps and interpretations to launch your new and better experience of  the outdoors.

Some call being at this level connectedness with Nature. Whatever you call it, you'll find it's a lifelong practice that grows richer the more you do it. Visit our marketplace for products specially designed to help with each step along your pathway.

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