Imagine, going outdoors

and the world comes alive for you... tune into Earth's trajectory through space, get a glimpse of deep time and ancient landscapes in the rocks underfoot, hear the product of a thousand generations in the birdsong around you, and so much more. It all adds up to richer, more meaningful outdoor experiences. That's what YLE provides.

Products to connect:

Custom booklets, maps, and digital apps for 4 or 40,000 acres that jump-start the process of reconnecting with Nature. They center on a specific area of natural land, use a scaled approach for context, leverage our inner desires and capabilities, and include a pathway to connection. 

Designed for today's consumer:

Smart, beautiful, concise, the content as attractive as it is informative. No matter the format, the personable tone, pictures, cultural references, and information respect consumer sensibilities. They don't preach, aren't too scientific, and are accessible.

What makes them unique?

These aren't courses, tours, lectures, field guides... they're different because they're focused on reconnecting people with Nature, via the land. They're place-specific, and fill that space between individual experience and scientific fact, our need for story, and our love of pretty things.

Can they be scaled up?

YLE is pioneering an approach that is systematic, repeatable, efficient, and cost-effective. It will take local expertise and love of land, flesh it out with scientific information, and produce consistently high quality, compelling products for all the natural places people want to connect with. 

What is the current status?

YLE has the information, the approach, and the process ready to create affordable custom print and digital products, and the capacity to serve a limited number of individuals and organizations in the Southern Rockies and Colorado Plateau regions.

Where could this go?

With support and resources the process could be optimized, the products engineered for more audiences and regions, from ski areas to county open spaces, from National Conservation Areas to river destinations. With inspired marketing, knowing and relating to Nature could become a thing. 


These are YLE's basic custom products that can be ordered and created for specific places. Choose between  different options for the level of input you want.

Basic Option

Promotional Option

Customizable Option

Partnership Option

YLE provides you with a standard, custom, large-scale map or pathway for the natural place you request, with your preferred photograph of the area incorporated. Print or digital formats available.

You get everything from the Basic Option plus your logo and promotional message are incorporated. Associate your brand with a popular place, show green intent, and retail copies printed at cost to your customers. 

This includes everything in the Basic Option, the additions you want from  the Promotional Option, and your choice of the specific  on-the-ground features you want covered. 

YLE will enter into a creative partnership with you. This option gives you input into design, editing, style, layout, features covered, and messaging, and includes a shared copyright for the product.