Reconnecting with Nature?

It's simply recognizing Nature as an entity and entering into an honest relationship with it somewhere on Earth. That means paying attention, having empathy, exploring, and enjoying all the benefits of a deepening understanding over time. 

Think you're

there already?

Maybe you are. Maybe you already feel bonded to land and place, know the stories, recognize the inhabitants, keep tabs on them, feel grounded everywhere because you're tied into Earth's larger narrative. Or maybe a jump-start would get you there...

A jump-start?

In other words, a quick way to get up to speed on a place so you can have an informed and engaged experience there. It fills in the knowledge gaps that our culture hasn't taught us, and it's specific, because in Nature each place is unique.

Connecting with Nature out on the land is an awesome experience. It happens through our senses, with things we can see and touch. Knowing Nature's stories makes connecting that much easier.

Gentian tells stories of adapting to life's hardships with the help of some friends

Pebbles tell stories of a long ago river carving through an ancient landscape

Deer skin tells stories of one life ending and another carrying on

But the specifics you'll find on the land and their stories don't show how you are a part of it all. Making sense of what you see and building a relationship with Nature also calls for context and a path forward. 

Snow tells stories of water's long journey through ocean and atmosphere

leather 4.png
leather 3.png

... a natural place that's easy to access, like a local park, open space, public lands, or if you're lucky enough, a piece of private property. Being on the land rekindles old instincts of territory, place, and identity.

The path starts at a place you can visit...

and tales of how the region came to be...

...which is where you'll develop a sense of place. Stories that describe how the region developed its distinctive natural flavor add more context for interpreting your own experiences.

It lays out the global backstory...  

...understanding the big picture helps you make sense of on-the-ground specifics. Now that we can travel across the globe, it's more important than ever to know its fundamental stories. 

It shows you how to reawaken old abilities...

... like heightened awareness, intensified smell, sensation, hearing, an ability to recognize plants, notice tracks, judge time from the sun, and more. 

...most of us have lost our ancestral stories of the land that once helped us understand it. Now there's science to underpin new stories about the world around us, stories essential for reconnecting. 

sun map.png

and adds just enough science to explain the concepts...

... and are connecting with a fantastic planet that's truly unique from place to place. You're engaged with the natural world around you, want to return to find out more, and you start to care. Not just about this place, but others too.

and underlying it all, the reminder that you belong...

plus ways  to relate to all the different things you'll encounter...

...from the soil to the air, and everything in between, it all has importance and a story behind it when you're outdoors in Nature.  

... from the soil to the air, and everything in between, when you're outside in Nature, it all has importance and a story behind it that relates to you.

YLE creates pathways like this for places you like, so it's easy to connect with Nature and the land.