Pathway to Connection

What do you feel when you're in Nature?

Connection and kinship, or separate and detached? Comfortable or out of place? Engaged or bored? Able to make sense of it or totally confused? We can flip the switch for you.

What do we mean by "Nature"?

What's it like to connect with Nature?

Are you already connected?

What's an easy way there?

Not just trees and animals, Nature is Earth at work. From tectonic plates to ocean waves, from DNA to forests bursting with life, Earth spins and Nature unfolds differently depending on where it is.

It’s feeling your shared existence with Earth and its creations and wanting to immerse yourself in understanding and experiencing them outdoors, on the land, throughout your lifetime.

Do you feel bonded to land and place, know the stories, recognize the inhabitants, feel grounded everywhere you go? Or do you need an easy way to get there?

Follow our simple steps for the background, insights, and instruction to speed up connection and kinship. Then watch your feelings grow each time you go outside.

This is Our Pathway

Step 1. Opt in for Earth and Nature >>

When you opt in, you’re saying “I am part of Earth and Nature, I belong, and I care.” It’s easier to connect with Nature once you realize it’s an active  choice you make. We offer a variety of goods with this logo to help you affirm your choice and let other people know about it.

They’re elemental and profound and will become your foundation for connecting with Nature. We’ve divided Earth into nine fundamental realms like soil, air, and water, and identified their big themes, then designed products that put them in your everyday life so they’re easy to master.

Step 2. Understand Earth’s natural realms >>

Step 3. Develop your sense of place >>

Each natural region has its own distinctive flavor—a unique expression of Earth’s realms—that we sense and think of as place. Understanding place is a key step for connecting, so we’ve written regional tales describing what it is and how it came to be for where you live, vacation, or go adventuring.

Step 4. Activate old abilities >>

You still have the same senses, bones, and brainpower as our ancestors who lived in Nature: they used them to recognize plants, follow animal trails, navigate by the stars, or know when the rain would fall. Revive them with a little training so you can connect more deeply. It’s easy with the tips and practices you’ll find in the items we offer.

Science helps us understand conceptually what our senses can’t discern, things like DNA, evolution, plate tectonics, or soil microbes that will make your connection with Nature more profound. There’s an ocean of information available to all of us, but our maps and guides help you find what’s relevant and show you how to use it.

Step 5. Tap into collective knowledge >>

Step 6. Find the significance in everything >>

A butterfly, a pebble, a flake of bark—they each have identity, a story, linkages to the world around them, even to you. Wondering about them gives you empathy and kinship you need for connection. We have a process to help you do this; you’ll find examples and how to do it yourself in our maps, guides, and novelties.

Land translates it all—the realms and themes, the tales and concepts—into the reality of a rocky slope, a forested hollow, or a trickling brook. Land is what best suits our bodies and minds, the place where connection happens. We craft custom maps and pathways for specific natural places that can lead you all the way to connection.

Step 7. Enter the natural world >>

Reach your destination:


the beginning of your connection with Earth and Nature. It’s the start of a lifelong journey that becomes richer and more fulfilling with each outdoor experience.

We offer products to help you each step of the way