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Space travel?
Not an option for the 99.9% of us. How else can we share that deep and life-changing emotion for our planet that astronauts feel the moment they see this beautiful Earth, suspended all alone in space?  

It's in us
For most of human history we've lived with reverence for Earth and the natural world, bound by strong ties to the land. These emotions and empathy haven’t left us, they’re just buried by culture and habit. What would it mean for us—and Earth—if they could be reawakened?

Our lives could be richer
We tap into old emotions when we get outdoors. But the experiences could be more intense, with discovery and engagement every time. We could connect with capital "N" Nature for profound benefits like a sense of belonging and greater happiness.

The situation
Science helps us understand nature, we learn about nature and the challenges facing it in the media and online, but still we don't connect with Nature. We’ve forgotten how and it isn't a priority in our consumer culture, even though we depend on Earth and Nature to survive.

The need
What if loving Earth and connecting with Nature had the same development, branding, and promotion that make other products part of our lives? What if we could buy nature products that showed us how to respect, appreciate, even revere Nature once again?

The opportunity
Could the marketplace accomplish what governments, schools, and nonprofits have struggled with? Could it help us put aside modern habits when we're outdoors and truly connect with Nature? We believe it can, and it starts with our pathway to connection. 

Photo art with NASA’'s “Blue Marble”

Do we love it enough?

We shouldn't have to go to space to fall in love with Earth.

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