Photo art with NASA’'s “Blue Marble”

Find your way home

to better, richer, deeper
more meaningful

We have it in us
Feeling disconnected? For most of our history we've been surrounded by Earth's handiwork, Nature in other words, and bound by strong ties to territory and the land. Doesn't it make sense the old abilities, fierce emotions, and empathy for Nature still lie just under the surface? What would it mean for us—and the earth—if they could be reawakened?
Our lives could be richer
We tap into some of the old capabilities and emotions when we get outdoors, feel some wonder, and fresh perspective. But these experiences could be more intense: there could be discovery, engagement, awe, and deep understanding—an actual relationship with Nature. It's called being connected, and it brings all kinds of benefits, from a sense of belonging to greater happiness. 

The situation
Nature falls somewhere below sports and dining out for most of us, even though it's the one amenity we can't live without. Maybe that's because consumer culture hasn't given us an easy way to rebuild the relationship between people and Nature: the focused development, branding, and promotion that has made other products part of our lives.

The need
We don't know what we don't know. Without social cues to show us how much we're missing, we think we've got the important stuff figured out when we're outdoors. But...Now that it's on the brink, saving Nature as we know it depends on our actions. An all out, all-of-the-above strategy is called for. If only the power of consumer culture could be leveraged to remind us we are part of Nature, to show us how it could enrich our lives, and to generate the cultural attitude that loving Nature is a good thing.
The opportunity
Parks, open space, and private land already give us contact with Nature, we just don't know how to take it further. What's missing is specific, credible information about each place presented in just the right way to reconnect us, rekindle the old capabilities and emotions and prime them for new, richer experiences. Land, information, smart marketing...let's do this!