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Intensify your

Experience the outdoors at a higher level
by getting to know it on a personal level. 
It's possible to have much deeper connections with Earth and Nature than what modern life lets on. 
pale trees.png

Your forest ride...


... could also be a front row seat to battling titans

pale leaves.png

Your woodland escape...

red leaves.png

... could also be an exploration of life and death, and life again

pale aspen.png

Your dog walk...


... could also be insight into  our interconnectedness

pale hawk.png

Your wildlife encounter...


... could also be a glimpse of evolutionary triumphs

pale rock.png

Your canyon adventure...


... could also be a trip 20,000 feet underground

pale sun.png

Your fishing trip...


... could also be awareness our planet is perfect in 1000 ways

If you're ready to be good at being outside, you'll need the right knowledge, and know how to use it. Our path will lead you there.
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