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Step 2: Master Nature's Basics

This is where understanding Nature begins: the big picture to help you make sense of whatever you encounter, wherever that may be.

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About this step

This step builds on embracing Earth by giving you a foundation for making sense of it. You'll learn how all of Earth's complexity can be divided into natural realms, each with a profound and overarching theme that appears again and again in the following steps. This will be your reintroduction to Nature starting from the top with Earth's biggest stories.

Products to help you

Our beautiful portrayal of Earth's realms and original distillation of their themes is featured on a range of items selected for easy incorporation into your life. This lets you see them often and gradually absorb their messages without much effort. It's a unique approach that gives you big, relevant concepts you can use right away—you won't have to learn plant names or animal tracks like you do in most Nature education, you'll be learning their most important stories instead. Mastering the basics and seeing how to apply them early in your journey will give you more engagement and fulfillment in the outdoors.



One Minute Video

When you're outdoors, notice something, identify it and what realm you think it represents. Find which part of its theme you're experiencing. Do it enough, and you'll have snippets of the themes in your head, ready to make sense of whatever you encounter in Nature in the most profound way .  

Are you ready to add some science?

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