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Step 3: Add Some Science

Stand on the shoulders of giants for a view into how Nature works.  Scientists developed the knowledge; you can reap the benefits.

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About this step

This step builds on your foundation of realms and themes with stories that describe some of the biggest scientific concepts behind them. You'll gain a feel for forces and processes that drive Nature across the globe. As you explore each of the realms, you'll find engaging and credible explanations to satisfy your inner skeptic and give you confidence in your knowledge. 

Products to help you

Our innovative science interpretations take you inside each of the realms to learn what's going on with brief, understandable stories and images offered on a selection of appealing digital and real-world items. In stark contrast to most science instruction, this approach is immersive, relaxed, and involves you in some exploration and discovery of your own. Above all, each one is focused on the ultimate goal— giving you more intuition, joy, and understanding in the great outdoors.



One Minute Video

When you're outdoors, notice something, identify it and what realm you think it represents. Find which part of its theme you're experiencing. Do it enough, and you'll have snippets of the themes in your head, ready to make sense of whatever you encounter in Nature in the most profound way .  

Are you ready to awaken old abilities?

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