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Step 4: Awaken abilities

Deepen your outdoor experiences by understanding some of Nature's most important operating principles. Choose the format that makes it easiest for you.

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What does it mean to awaken old abilities?

It means having confidence that we can be good in Nature once again, and believing enough to make it happen. It means practicing habits that hone our innate skills and learning to apply them to each of the realms. And it is respect for Earth and for our ancestors, knowing that these abilities enabled them to survive.

Select what's most useful to you

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In this step, you'll pick the item that makes it easiest for you to master a number of simple tips and practices. Although they come in different formats, they all feature inscriptions on beads organized into abilities, disciplines, and realms. Once you get them, go through the beads again and again, making it a practice you can take outdoors with you. This approach differs from most wilderness training in that it can be done alone at your own pace, and it invokes ritual by adopting prayer beads to carry the messages. The abilities you resurrect will bring you comfort and insight in Nature.


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