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We intuitively like Nature, but few of us know its specifics in the places we visit, or even where we live. That means we miss opportunities to connect with and enjoy the natural world as fully as we could. 

 the unique expressions of Nature at any one place on Earth

What are the specifics?...  


...realizing who lives in the area and  understanding a little about their lives 

Animal specifics...

..seeing how the landscape influences the environment and knowing a little about how the land is changing 

Land specifics...

  ...recognizing the major plants and knowing a little about their adaptations for survival 

Plant specifics...

..realizing where the water is and inferring a little about its journey

Water specifics...

 ...understanding  what's underfoot and intuiting a little about its character

Soil specifics...

..being aware of the weather and climate and understanding a little about what causes them

Air specifics...

...being familiar with the major rocks and knowing a little about their histories

Rock specifics

...grasping the interconnectedness of everything and comprehending a little about the relationships

Community specifics...

We enjoy the outdoor experience more and add to our sense of connection

Knowing the specifics makes all the difference!...

Every astronaut who has ever seen Earth from space knows it is unspeakably precious, fragile, and essential for our survival. Here on the ground, we're so distracted by everyday life we can't see that truth. Calls to save the planet fade into the other anxieties and fears that shadow our lives. It's time for new strategies, like motivating people through love instead of fear. 

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Earth is no inanimate object, and as a society we can't keep thinking of it that way. Just a little knowledge of Earth's workings shows this planet is alive through and through. Once we understand it to be a living and breathing being, connecting with Earth becomes that much easier. So does caring about it.

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Nature as an entity, as that interwoven realm of rocks, plants, and animals is straightforward. But society's view of it is not. There's a current of negativity that runs beneath the surface, which prevents most business, government, education, and entertainment from openly embracing Nature or acknowledging our lives depend on it. Understanding this unspoken attitude is the first step toward addressing it. 

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Stories are not simple facts and figures. Much more than that, they account events in an entertaining way.  For thousands of years, people have used stories to pass down important information. Why not keep using this tried and true approach? Stories reach audiences that textbook science can't penetrate.

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Studies have shown that people have real psychological needs and benefits that center on Nature. Biophilia is an inherent attraction to Nature, and connectedness with Nature is a state of mind that brings contentment, feelings of belonging, concern for the natural world, and environmentally responsible behavior

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Science has given us incredible insight into Nature all the way from the planetary down to the molecular levels, information that feeds into our schooling and popular culture. But science is an analytical process that turns Nature's tangible specifics into impersonal abstractions, which are no substitute for a personal relationship with Nature.

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Stories and specifics from local lands—crafted using these design features—give people an easy path forward to connect with Nature  >>

emphasize everything is precious

motivating people through love works best

speak as if this planet is alive

characterize Nature as a living and breathing being

cover all aspects of the interwoven realm of rocks, plants, animals

unspoken attitudes are recognized

keep it entertaining

convey the important information

subtly refer to the psychological needs and benefits  

contentment, feelings of belonging, concern for the natural world, and environmentally responsible behavior

cover the planetary down to the molecular levels

fill it with tangible specifics

facilitate a personal relationship 

Your Land Explained brings the specifics and their stories to the marketplace