Earth image modified from  NASA’s “Blue Marble”

Can we sustain Earth by connecting with Nature?

Yes! connection leads to caring leads to action


Stories of significance

The best way to connect is on the land

where Nature's stories are unfolding.

Connecting with Nature out on the land is an awesome experience. It happens through our senses, with things we can see and touch, in the context of larger truths. Knowing Nature's stories makes connecting that much easier.

Gentian tells stories of adapting to life's hardships with the help of some friends

Snow tells stories of water's long journey through ocean and atmosphere

Pebbles tell stories of a long ago river carving through an ancient landscape

Deer skin tells stories of one life ending and another carrying on

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The journey starts with a natural place that's easy to access, like a local park, open space, public lands, or if you're lucky enough, a piece of private property. Being on the land rekindles old instincts of territory, place, and identity.

stories from a local landscape...

People experience Nature in all kinds of ways, some feel connected, others never do. Connection would be easier if we had simple stories that could lead us there:

Connection happens most powerfully through the senses. They awaken when there aren't distractions, when the mind has quieted and focuses outward to notice the surrounding world. 

stories that call on our senses ...

Most of us have lost our ancestral stories of the land that once helped us understand it. Now there is science to underpin new stories about the world around us, stories essential for reconnecting. 

stories based in science...

Connection happens as sensations, stories, orientation, and context feed curiosity. You're engaged with the natural world around you, want to return to find out more, and you start to care. Not just about this place, but others too.

...stories that build a relationship 

Your Land Explained strings these stories together so it's easy to connect with Nature and the land.

It helps to know where you are and where you need to go. Not just through the landscape, but also the logistics of the journey, an idea of what to expect, and what to look for.

stories that orient us...

Stories and science only resonate when we see how they relate to us and our understanding of the world. To do this, today's stories need to be told in light of larger regional and global truths. 

stories that provide context...