Because you're passionate about Nature, you know things other people don't. That knowledge just needs a platform to let you profit from it. We've developed templates for the lower 48 states that can be coupled with your regional expertise to create custom Nature field guides, books and booklets for special places. We are building a cooperative to market these and other Nature-based products across the U.S.


This is what we offer

Reconnect with Nature to...

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Nature Insights

We post brief, but regular Nature insights on social media. These explore all kinds of Nature themes, and are meant to be fun and informative. We generally have 6 posts for each theme to offer a variety of perspectives and examples, then wrap things up with a blog post. These are hosted on our website and several social media platforms. Check them out-- you could be adding your posts and ideas!

Field Guides

We will be working with outdoor equipment retailers, outfitters and guides, and park managers to produce custom Nature guidebooks for local natural areas. These books are written to convey a basic knowledge about nearly everything that makes the area unique. You could help open recreationists' eyes to Nature in your region.

Landowner manuals

We create interpretive books for new landowners to introduce them to their property's natural features. It's basically like an owner's manual, but for the land. These are quality books designed to show people why their property is something to be treasured. You could be setting people on the right path for taking care of their land.

Real estate booklets

Buying or selling rural land can be challenging, especially since many people don't understand land well. Because the natural environment has such a strong influence on the landownership experience, sellers benefit by promoting Nature more, and buyers benefit by learning what to look for. You could produce booklets that help people made better decisions, which is ultimately better for the land. 

Where can I learn more about Your Land Explained?

Take a look at our home page, where you'll find a description of who we are and what we are doing. There is information on other products and services, our social media feed, and links to our blog. 

Some Explanation

We love Nature, as do so many people. While the marketplace has found ways to monetize some aspects of Nature, natural history hasn't really been one of them. Nature interpretation has mostly been left to parks, museums, classrooms, government agencies and the occasional Nature guide. But we believe that when done right, it's something people will be willing to pay for. And like so many other products in our economy, once something becomes available and marketed, people suddenly realize they want it. That said, if you've worked hard to gain your naturalist skills in some region here in the US, we'd like you to join us as a subscribing co-op member.


You may have other objectives as a naturalist. Do you want to share your love of Nature with a bigger audience? Are you systematically broadening your knowledge in this age of instant information? YLE can help you pass on your knowledge to people in an effective, thoughtful way that will help them engage with Nature and sustain it on their land. Our templates will also help you strengthen your understanding of Nature through guided inquiry, a system for organizing your knowledge, and reliable information resources. Take a look at some of the things we offer and ways you could become engaged.


Co-op Membership

While co-op membership is a $200 annual commitment, it allows naturalists to take part in a business where one of the first tenets is to appropriately compensate them for their knowledge and skills. YLE has set up the website and web-based store, and designed templates for a variety of interpretive books and booklets that target different types of customers. We have also set up mechanisms for marketing and order processing. Product pricing is set to compensate the naturalists at an hourly rate that reflects their professional expertise ($50-$94 per hour). In return for their membership, they are provided with digital templates, instruction, regional and upper-level marketing, and order processing. Go to our shop to find out more.