Nature is more than a pretty view. It's a powerful force shaping the look and feel of a piece of property, and ultimately, how happy you'll be with it. Our custom property booklets cover all the environmental aspects buyers should consider before making a purchase. Prospective buyers, find out what you really want. Buyer's agents, here is an opportunity to provide top-notch service and promote your business at the same time.

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More about the landowner's manual

These are premium, one of a kind books meant to kick off the landowning experience in the best way possible. They are custom crafted for a property by a regional expert. The books are designed to show off the land's beauty, its natural features, how to enjoy them, and why they're important. We hope the manual kindles a desire to learn more, so with each purchase we include a digital copy with links to online information. We keep these custom books as affordable as possible by relying on the real estate photographs instead of having to make a visit. Cost to order a custom book is  $240. There are options to choose a background color, a custom crafted leather cover, and add a business card and message for a meaningful and memorable buyer's gift. Click on this excerpt to see what they look like.

How do I make an order?

Click on these buttons to go to the product pages. You'll find directions there that help you make a selection, identify the property, and the process for getting photographs to us.

Where can I learn more about Your Land Explained?

Take a look at our home page, where you'll find some of the other Nature products and services we provide, and a little about us. You can also follow our regular Nature posts there, or on your favorite social media app. 

Some Explanation

Buying property in the countryside can be a life-changing experience. We usually think of the benefits like self-sufficiency, dark skies, peace and quiet that come with country living. Unfortunately, it can also bring frustrations and even financial challenges people aren't prepared for. Nature plays a far bigger role here, and can shape your landowning experience much more than it does in the city. It's often something that buyers don't know how to size up. We felt people needed an easy way to learn about a property's natural features before making a decision. And along the way, learn how to define what they want, what to look for, and what to expect in any given region.

If you are interested in a property, are you sure you have the information you need to make a wise purchase? Do you know what the land's geology, soils, water, vegetation, and climate are like? These are just some of the natural features which will affect how you can use or build on the property, and what it's like to be there. While most listings come with maps and photos, it can be hard to understand exactly what they mean. Our custom property overviews cover all the important natural features on the property, with just enough interpretation so you can decide what your experience there would be like.


If you are a Buyer's Agent, our Overview booklet will help you give your clients the most important thing-- complete and accurate information. The booklet  makes an impressive handout which showcases the property with beautiful color maps and pictures. At the same time, it advises them about the important considerations for buying rural property, and links them to online resources for more information. Once your clients have bought a property, give them one of our custom landowner's manuals as an unbeatable closing gift. Both products offer options to include your business card and personal message to make a long lasting impression. 

More details on the Overview booklet

This is a premium color booklet full of maps and photos of the property, along with written descriptions of what it all means. There are two models: one that's more economical which covers the basic environmental features that should be considered when buying property, and the other is a more deluxe model. It covers several additional topics, has a classier look, and offers more advertising options.  Both models are custom crafted for individual properties by regional Nature experts. Each order also comes with a digital copy that has hyperlinks to online information. We try to keep prices low by relying on the real estate pictures instead of having to visit the property. Cost to order the economy model (Basic Overview) is $85, and the deluxe model (Overview) is $135.  Click on these excerpts to see what they look like.