Selling rural land takes a special touch since you need to do more than explain the improvements.  We make it easy to market a property's natural features with an affordable custom booklet. The booklet not only promotes the property you are trying to sell, it also promotes you by demonstrating your commitment to the seller, along with your land expertise.

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With many properties, you're basically selling a piece of Nature along with the home, cabin, or ranch. And even though it has a big impact on how the land can be used and what it's like being there, Nature is often neglected as a selling point. Maybe that's because landowners and brokers don't have the right training, or supporting materials haven't been available. But the real estate business is changing quickly, and new things are now possible--like our affordable, custom property overviews that promote an individual property based on its natural assets. They even give you a way to advertise your business and enhance your reputation.

Is your marketing as effective as it could be? Are your online listings compelling and complete? Our Overview booklet lets you capitalize on the property's natural assets to promote it. You’ll be able to persuasively address each of its features, as you hand potential buyers an attractive booklet to look through. They'll see property maps and explanations that cover all the important topics. Plus, it comes with a digital copy that can be emailed or attached to an online property listing. And if you want, you can have your business card printed on the booklet to promote yourself with every property you market.


You should also know about our landowner's manuals. They make great gifts for new landowners, and really establish your reputation as a land expert. Keep in mind, each time you use one of our products you show current and potential clients your commitment and level of professionalism. They know that you’ll make the investment and take the time to understand their property in order to market it at a higher level.

More details on the Overview booklet

This is a premium color booklet full of maps and photos that showcase the property's natural assets. There are two models: one that's more economical which covers the basic environmental assets on the property, and the other is a more deluxe model. It covers several additional topics, has a classier look, and offers more advertising options.  Both models are custom crafted for individual properties by regional Nature experts. Each order also comes with a digital copy that has hyperlinks to online information. We try to keep prices low by relying on the real estate pictures instead of having to visit the property. Cost to order the economy model (Basic Overview) is $85, and the deluxe model (Overview) is $135.  Click on these excerpts to see what they look like.

More about the landowner's manual

These are premium, one of a kind books meant to kick off the landowning experience in the best way possible. They are custom crafted for a property by a regional expert. The books are designed to show off the land's beauty, its natural features, and explain how to enjoy them and why they're important. We hope the manual kindles a desire to learn more, so with each purchase we include a digital copy with links to online information. We keep these custom books as affordable as possible by relying on the real estate photographs instead of having to make a visit. Cost to order a custom book is  $240. There are options to choose a background color, a custom crafted leather cover, and add a business card and message for a meaningful and memorable buyer's gift. Click on this excerpt to see what they look like.

How do I make an order?

Click on these buttons to go to the product pages. You'll find directions there that help you make a selection, identify the property, and the process for getting photographs to us.

Where can I learn more about Your Land Explained?

Take a look at our home page, where you'll find some of the other Nature products and services we provide, and a little about us. You can also follow our regular Nature posts there, or on your favorite social media app.