Land Stewards and Managers-

You'll be better prepared and more successful when you see the whole picture 

Where can you find consistent, reliable environmental information?
Base your stewardship and interpretive work on our well-researched products and regional expertise
Can you do your best work without the right background information? 
Our Foundation report gives you a quick, easy and inexpensive way to become informed about a piece of natural land
How can you quickly establish a good reputation in your business?
Use our products to establish a reputation for thorough preparation and understanding of the complex natural systems you work with
Do you prioritize designing and implementing the creative solutions?
We have pioneered a cost-effective, efficient and thorough approach to describe the unique natural history of a property, allowing you to spend more time on your project

Our Foundation booklet sets you up with a comprehensive natural history overview of a piece of land. Use it as the basis for land management and communication, and put your focus into the details of getting your job done. Each booklet is custom created by a regional nature expert to systematically explain the land's basic natural features, their relevance, and their interconnections. These are designed to give you with a holistic understanding of the land, its unique qualities, and interpretive materials to use with coworkers or the public. The booklet is easy to read with plenty of maps, images, and engaging text, and comes with a digital file that has hyperlinks to explore topics further.

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