Connection Marketplace

We offer goods to help you connect with Earth and Nature. The market is a force for evolution: it helps define what we want and crafts goods and services to fill the niche. That's why it's the perfect place to start your pathway to connection.

Our products are thoughtfully designed for each step on the path to the profound and transformative experience of connection. They aim to make connection a daily part of your life and draw you outside, to the land.

Step 1: Opt In for Earth


Don’t just live on Earth, Opt In for it! Did you know you can have a relationship with this wondrous planet, one that’s hopeful and fulfilling? Start building yours with any of these useful items.

Step 2: Build a foundation

Don’t be overwhelmed by Nature, master its fundamental themes! Did you know we learn best through story? Build your foundation for understanding Earth’s story with one of these attractive items.