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Connection Marketplace

Welcome!  Intensify your outdoor experiences with our products. They're thoughtfully designed for each step on the pathway to knowing the outdoors on a personal level

Step 1: Make the choice

Opt In for Earth! You can get to know this miraculous planet on a personal level despite the status quo of modern living. Make the commitment with these useful items and get a free gift that explains why Opting In is the all-important first step in getting started.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Step 2: Know the Realms

Make sense of the outdoors by starting at the global level. Discover Earth's nine realms and their themes for a foundational understanding you can take anywhere. Master them with one of these eye-catching products.

Step 3: Awaken old abilities

Unearth your ancestral talents for being in Nature. With a little training and practice, you'll gain greater awareness and comfort in the outdoors. Tap into this hidden skill set and tune into the natural world with one of these innovative formats. 


Step 4: Learn your region

 Each region puts its own spin on Earth's nine realms. Once you've gotten familiar with what it looks like, its variety, and its backstories, you can claim to really know it. Our regional tales and maps make it easy for you.

Step 5: Practice engagement

Dig deeper into your region and build empathy as you do. Learn how to use Nature's many portals to building connection and become a participant in the outdoors. Start engaging with your region using our innovative, place-based examples.

Step 6: Expand your knowledge


Find out key forces and phenomena in your region that your senses can't discern by drawing on science. Use its findings to heighten your own experience of the outdoors with one of these intriguing offerings.

Step 7: Explore the land


This is where it all comes together. Find out how to apply what you've learned to the land around you and grow your personal relationship with the outdoors. Our maps and interpretations can launch your new and better outdoor experiences. 

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