So many of us like--even love--Nature, and wish we knew more about it. There's so much information out there, it can be hard to make sense of it, and even harder to see how it relates to our experiences. The advent of social media hasn't helped--it's too random and disconnected. Our approach is different. We want Nature learning to be easy and fun, relevant and personal, and above all, tied to land you care about.


This is what we offer

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Some Explanation

So much is already known about Nature. The problem is, it's scattered, and hard to find. Or it doesn't pertain to the Nature you see around you. Or it isn't written in a way that relates to your experiences. What's needed is the kind of information that makes you want to go outside and learn more. That's the reason for this business-- to explain Nature to people on land that matters to them.

Nature interpretation is at the heart of what we do. We adapt it to fit the circumstances, and offer different products to meet different needs. Because each piece of land is unique, each interpretation is custom crafted. We offer landowner manuals, field guides, and booklets to help with sale and purchase of natural land. If you aren't directly connected with a piece of land, we also post regular Nature insights on social media. Because we are competing for your attention with a thousand other bits of information, we strive to keep our products factual and clear, engaging, and relevant.

Nature Insights

We post brief, but regular Nature insights on social media. These explore all kinds of Nature themes, and are meant to be fun and informative. We generally have 5 posts for each theme that offer a variety of perspectives and examples, then wrap things up with a blog post on the website. Follow us on your favorite  social media to tap into this program, or visit our website frequently to see the latest, or explore the chronicles. 



Field Guides

We work with outdoor-oriented businesses and organizations  to produce field guides for local natural areas. These books are written to convey a basic knowledge about nearly everything that makes the area unique. What makes our modern field guides different from traditional field guides?  Those cover big regions, make you figure out which bird or flower you've seen out of dozens, and leave out lots of important aspects. Our modern field guides cover just the subject area with lots of maps and photos, telling you what you'll encounter there. They give you a strong sense of the place along with the knowledge to interpret what you see happening there, and know why it matters. If you don't see one on the shelves or at the visitor center, tell them about this opportunity.  

Landowner manuals

We create interpretive books for new landowners to introduce them to their property's natural features. It's basically like an owner's manual, but for the land. These are quality books designed to be like keepsakes, to convey just how special the property is. If you aren't a new landowner but know one, these make a unique and meaningful gift.

Real estate booklets

Buying or selling rural land can be challenging, especially to those who aren't familiar with all the pitfalls that are out there. Because the natural environment has such a strong influence on the land, sellers benefit by promoting Nature more, and buyers benefit by learning what to look for. If you or someone you know is in the market, this could be a big help.

How do I make an order?

Follow this button to the product page. You'll find directions there that help you make a selection, identify the property, and the process for getting photographs to us.

Where can I learn more about Your Land Explained?

Take a look at our home page, where you'll find some of the other Nature products and services we provide, and a little about us. You can also follow our regular Nature posts there, or on your favorite social media app.