What if you could know and love your new property like the animals that live there do? You can have this experience if you start out right. Assuming you haven't walked your land with a naturalist, a local elder, and a backcountry guide, we offer the next best thing: a beautiful landowner's manual that explains its natural environment, individually created for the unique circumstances on your new piece of land.


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How do I make an order?

Follow this button to the product page. You'll find directions there that help you make a selection, identify the property, and the process for getting photographs to us.

Where can I learn more about Your Land Explained?

Take a look at our home page, where you'll find some of the other Nature products and services we provide, and a little about us. You can also follow our regular Nature posts there, or on your favorite social media app. 

Some Explanation

You already know your new property is special, after all, that's why you  bought it. But people often find their enthusiasm fades unless they really get to know their land, and that can be harder than it sounds. We saw a need that wasn't being filled: a way to show people the amazing natural stories taking place on their land, and the unique environment there. So we have created some products designed to do just that, to help landowners become deeply in touch--and maybe even fall in love with their new property.


As a new landowner, there are some practical questions you should ask yourself. Do you know all the basics about your property? How will you take care of your investment? Do you understand what's happening on it and why it happens? What is it about your land that makes it unique? If you can't answer these questions, we can help by creating a custom book explaining these things. We call it "Foundation: a Landowner's Manual".

More details on the Landowner's Manual

These are premium, one of a kind books that are designed by naturalists to be as attractive and personal as possible. The intent is to provide new landowners with a foundation for understanding why their land is special and unique. Each topic is carefully explained so that you understand the specifics on your property, why it matters, and how it affects the property.  We hope the manual kindles a desire to learn more, so with each purchase we include a digital copy with links to online information. We want to keep these custom books as affordable as possible, so we rely on you to provide a few photographs of the land. Cost to order your custom book is  $240.  Click on this sample excerpt to get an idea of what they are like.