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Nature is a huge part of the outdoor experience, but do we fully enjoy it anymore? How many of us can go outside and feel the land come alive with meaning and significance, the way people once did?  We create modern, place-based field guides to give these basic skills to anyone who likes the outdoors. Sponsor one for a local recreation or natural area to promote your business or organization. 


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Nature is a big part of being outdoors, and people instinctively love it. Two points: 1) If you're not tapping into this positive feeling by directly associating your products, services, or cause with it, we can help. 2) If you don't fully understand and enjoy the natural world where you like to go, we can help. Our modern field guides are designed to enrich people's outdoor experiences by showing them what's going on around them as they hike, hunt, cycle, ski, boat, or whatever they do in Nature. Because these are place-based, they're more like fun, thoughtful tour guides that give you a complete picture of a place. We can create one for a local recreation or Nature area with your logos, messages and photos included. You retail the books or give them to clients or members. They'll realize you go the extra mile to be informed, provide great customer service, and support a place they care about. 

More details on the field guides

These books are small enough to slip into a daypack and pull out on the trail, but large enough to show maps and pictures clearly. They've been designed by a Nature expert to cover everything that's important about the area, be entertaining to read, and avoid any type of environmental bias or controversy. What makes our modern field guides different from traditional field guides?  Those cover big regions, make you figure out which bird or flower you've seen out of dozens, and leave out lots of important aspects. Our modern field guides cover just the subject area with lots of maps and photos, and tell you what you'll encounter there. They give you a strong sense of the place along with the knowledge to interpret what you see happening around you, and know why it matters. 


When you order one for a specific area, a regional naturalist provides the maps and interpretation to create your custom field guide. You have the option to get promotional posters showing your support for the area, and to add advertising that we'll incorporate into the field guide. You'll be able to order as many copies as you want, whenever you want at wholesale prices, and have exclusive rights to distribution. We keep prices as low as possible by relying on you to provide us with a few photographs of the area. Cost to build the basic model is $230,  advertising and promotional options can add up to $75 more. Additional copies are around $12 apiece, with volume discounts. Click on these short excerpts (from left: basic, option 1, option 1 and 2, and poster) to see what they look like. 

How do I make an order?

Follow this button to the product page. There, you can read more about the field guide, and see the options. Once you submit your order by going through our checkout, we'll email you asking for a few photographs, the property location, and your option choices.

Where can I learn more about Your Land Explained?

Take a look at our home page, where you'll find some of the other Nature products and services we provide, and a little about us. You can also follow our regular Nature posts there, or on your favorite social media app.