Back to the Well...

What does that mean, anymore? Most of us get our water out of the faucet. Our family has a well, but it is completely sealed-- there is no deep shaft to stare down into, no glint of water at the bottom promising life. But people still understand it to represent the reliable source, and in my case, nature is the well. I go back to the well when I need space to think, motivation to move forward, and inspiration to find a creative solution. Back to the well to see things from a new perspective, to spend time with friends and family, to find reassurance in distressing times. There is something about nature's spaciousness that frees my thoughts. Something special in the way the air and light feel and the natural world going about its business that makes it the reliable source for me.

And I always come back from the well with a solution, peace of mind, tighter bonds, or stronger resolve. It never lets me down. If you are reading this, I'm guessing you go to the same well.

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