Exciting times...

I've always rooted for the underdog, a shift to the status quo. Excited to see what's next when things are uprooted. But years working as an ecologist have tempered that some--I don't want to see the changes wrought by a hotter, more crowded world on reefs, oceans, deserts, mountains, my family's little patch of juniper woodland.

How can I balance that sense of dread with my faith in the resilience of nature, people, myself? With my belief that we need to put up a good fight? With my inclination toward change?

This new business is my first, incautious step. As in nature, I'm looking to find opportunity in the change. More people moving into the countryside? That means more development. But it can also mean more people eager to learn about nature. It can mean more people invested in the land and caring for it. Our lives becoming overwhelmed with the ever-growing digital world? That means growing detachment from the outdoors. But it also mean we can synthesize and share critical information about the world around us--including the natural world. It can mean we become better informed for putting up a good fight.

A niche has opened, I'm scrambling to occupy it.

#ecology #nature #land #opportunity

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