Nature as metaphor

Some people feel intimidated alone in the woods. They sense the unknown, the callousness, their lack of significance to an indifferent and alien system. I can relate to these truths, but more often I feel at home there. Maybe it's because I have a mental image of us all being suspended within rather than apart from nature. And so nature and its myriad of inhabitants and interrelationships become my go to analogy for what I see happening in the human world. Right now I am dipping my toe into the POND of marketing for this business. My first tentative forays are like a YOUNG HERON LEARNING TO FISH. What is the right target or PREY to focus on? How can I ATTRACT THEIR INTEREST and get them to SWIM CLOSE? Is the answer simply EXTREME PATIENCE and UNRELENTING EFFORT?

While I like the image of the quiet heron, should I just choose a different metaphor, perhaps one that involves a quicker payoff? What about a gnat?... after all, they are small, persistent, and extremely successful.

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