On becoming a better naturalist

Coming off over twenty years as a public land ecologist, I thought I'd honed my naturalist skills. Show me a piece of land, I'll tell you what's going on there, I'd thought. Only to become a little bit humbled once I started digging into this nature report project. This project has made me have to rethink nature, expand my plant-centric view, identify what's important on a piece of land. And try to find the compelling connections, and reasons for why each facet is important. Then take it one step further and look for the basic principles that apply to both the Great Basin and the Great Plains. Or the Mississippi Delta and the Missouri Breaks. Now I am looking with new eyes at geology, soils, climate and landform, before I start thinking about the plants.

Feeling a little cocky, or maybe a bit stale in your natural history knowledge? Let's both become better naturalists with Your Land Explained.

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