Pieces of the Puzzle

As I finish up the Marketing Plan, I've had to ask myself what makes our products worth purchasing. Will people be willing to pay what it costs to produce them? How can we convince them that watching a rainforest special on the Discovery Channel-- for free-- is just nibbling around the edges when it comes to knowing Nature? Fortunately whenever this doubt creeps in, my inner convictions well up to reassure me. They remind me that there is something deeper in most of us that hasn't been tapped yet by educational television, the wealth of guidebooks on everything from birds to mushrooms, and even the organizations dedicated to appreciating Nature. Each of these is like a piece of the puzzle, but it feels like each comes from a different puzzle, and they'll never fit together. None of them really provides us with a deep awareness and intimacy with Nature that we are capable of.

As I think about it, that is the essence of what we offer-- the whole puzzle. We'll provide all the pieces, and explain how they fit together. Each customer will add the piece of land they care about, and watch the pieces come together to build their own deep awareness of Nature. And instead of being about the distant rainforest, it will be for their own land. Now who wouldn't pay for that?

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