Spring forward...

After a winter that kept on circling back, spring is powering forward now. The seeds I planted in little cups on the windowsill demand to be transplanted, the whitetop is up and needs immediate attention. Wildflowers are blooming, aphids sucking the sap, butterflies out, the neighbor target shooting, and I discovered a scrub jay nest-- all on a short walk around the property. The little jays hunkered down as I investigated before going to get the camera. Between good parenting choices of where to put the nest, and nervous harassment by mom or dad, I couldn't get a great picture. But you can see enough of their chubby bodies and wide mouths to get an idea of their potential-- ready for rapid growth. Which is what spring is, in a nutshell. It is the embodiment of potential poised at the brink of explosive growth and development.

And that is just where Your Land Explained is now. With the addition of more naturalists, we are full of potential, picking up speed, and ready for growth.

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