Telling the Story

I can't help myself from looking at the tabloid covers at the supermarket checkout. Something about those headlines and celebrity story lines is compelling, no matter how ridiculous they are. While I'm a little bit ashamed of this fascination, I think it's a symptom of being human. When starting to put together these nature reports, I asked my family and friends for feedback, but noticed it took a long time for them to respond. Why was it so hard to read something educational about things they cared about, even while they eagerly scrolled through volumes of Facebook posts? I think it's the story. It is the basic themes that keep popping up in our culture which

reverberate with us above all else. The shock of betrayal, the vindication of righteousness, the magnificence of clashing titans, to list a few.

What has this got to do with nature interpretation? I think it's the very reason why it's so hard to get our message across. And going forward, we need to tell nature's stories in a way that recognizes these themes are the ones that matter to us the most. (hover on picture to see what I'm talking about...)

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