What do we care about?

For me, it's the natural world, after-- of course-- the all important family, friends, home and pets. At YLE, I've been delving into social media, beginning a program of Nature-based posts as part of getting this business up and running. and I think it really brings home this question of what each of us cares about. Going through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest is like walking along a beach next to the ocean. Millions of posts crashing down next to us every few seconds, then disappearing back into the sea, only to be replaced by more posts coming in. There's no way to keep up with it, and posting anything is like throwing a rock into the ocean-- it quickly disappears into oblivion. But if we push the analogy a little further, the seabirds have developed a way of handling the ocean's perils and abundance, so have the urchins, the algae, the copepods. If you watch them, you can see they have focus. they know what they want, they position themselves to get it, and have ways to avoid the surges of sand, water, hungry predators or whatever else threatens.

And maybe there's a lesson here for us all. Once we really nail down what we care about, we'll be able to run out into the social media ocean, grab the tidbits we need, then run back to the beach before getting hammered by the next big wave. Then we can use them to nourish what we really care about.

When it comes to social media, YLE and each of us as individuals need to use this same approach to success-- we'll stay focused on what really matters. Otherwise, we'll all find ourselves like the unlucky shorebirds caught by the storm: lost at sea and floundering in a world of water, driftwood, floating seaweed and plastic-- fun to look at but none of it of any use.

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