What happens on a river...

It's river trip time in Colorado as the winter's snowpack melts and fills desert rivers. I try to join in whenever there's an opportunity, because nothing beats the experience of floating through nature, making my way seaward. Not that these rivers reach the sea unimpeded, because dams now block passage and disrupt natural cycles. But nature still prevails along most reaches. We float by blooming cactus, drifting cottonwood seeds, clouds of hovering midges, and sporadic birdsong. So much verdant plant growth and attendant animal life along this watery life source-- so much life that it can be hard to get noticed. That's why everything has a strategy. The cactus flowers come in eye-popping, unbelievable shades of lemony green and salmon, the cottonwoods unleash quantities of snowy seed that coat the riverbank, the midges crowd together in an aerial acrobatic show, and each bird species has a distinctive call which they use to maximum effect in the humid early morning. Most of these are strategies for getting noticed, all of them are about succeeding.

Now as YLE develops its marketing plan, we have to figure out our own strategy for getting noticed, and ultimately, for survival. If we are smart enough to pay attention, we will borrow from nature's playbook.

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