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Use this intriguing 26.75 x 39 inch poster to lead you through on-the-ground experiences to connection with Earth and Nature in your region. Why buy a poster full of images, examples, and brief suggestions to make sense of your time on the land? Having the big picture, guidance, and each of the realms displayed all together helps you find the whole that is the essence of connection. 


  • visit this link to locate your natural region. Search for a town near your location, click on the map exactly where you're interested in, and copy the name that's next to the third arrow down. This is your ecoregion:
  • Poster works its way step by step from your visceral sensations back through each step on the connection pathway 
  • Covers the region's expression of each of Earth's nine realms
  • Printed on 8 mil glossy paper.
  • Visit this link to locate your region of interest:


Regional Connection Poster

  • Read the introduction and instructions, then work your way across each of the realms from left to right. Think of your memories and experiences in the region and envision working them through the steps to connection. Explore land in the region, and bring back more examples to run through the process. Keep the steps in mind when you're out on the land and frame your experiences in their light. When you start to do this automatically, you’ve found connection.

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