Custom Visitor Guide - Nature Emphasis
  • Custom Visitor Guide - Nature Emphasis

    Give your visitors the opportunity to have a richer experience, to build a deeper understanding, and to buy a meaningful souvenir. Ideal for destinations or attractions that are mainly fabout Nature. Order a custom visitor's guide for your special natural attraction or destination. We'll design a quality, colorful paperback book that tells the story of your attraction, its location, and the natural world there. You can customize it by selecting the style, including your message or photographs, advertising your business or organization, and more. This is an affordable way to quickly have a book in hand you can offer for retail sale. Once it's created, you'll have exclusive distribution rights and can order as many copies as you want from the on-demand publishing house. Copies are $12 or less each, with quantity discounts.

    • Specifications

      • A 66+ page, full color, 6 x 9" paperback book that's professionally printed on premium satin paper with a glossy, durable cover. Includes maps, photos and text. 
      • We keep prices low by counting on you to provide at least one high resolution photograph of the attraction
      • Basic model specs:
        • 66 pages
        • covers the attraction, regional orientation, terrain and landscape, climate, water, geology, soil, plants, wildlife, habitat, human cultures, and stewardship
        • you choose the style, background, sponsor message
        • one month delivery time once we receive your photo and option selections
        • Paperback and ebook formats managed through Lulu online publishing. You'll have the exclusive ability to order hardcopies to retail, and to sell online through the Lulu website
      • Full Custom Option
        • 66+ pages
        • adds a historical emphasis if you want, we will work with you to get the relevant information
        • includes points of interest that are described and pictured, perfect for a self-guided tour
        • includes pages dedicated to your business,  organization or other information you want included
        • the opportunity to edit, review and make changes
        • shared copyright with Your Land Explained
        • two month process depending on your edit time
      • Optional mapping app
        • Gives the visitor a way to load the book's maps and points of interest straight into a navigational app, for a personal exploration of the geology, habitats, and more
        • Includes a unique QR code that will be printed on the back page

      What To Expect: Once we receive your order, we'll email you a list of customization options and directions for submitting photos and any other information we need, along with an invoice if you haven't already paid online. When we have all your information, count on receiving your proof copy from the printer within a month or less. We'll also send you the link to your visitor's guide shop page where you can order extra copies, or make it available to customers who want to buy online. If you ordered the full custom option, we'll send you the draft of your book and instructions on how to edit it. When you're done, we'll send it to the printer.

    Full Custom Option - $250
    Map app add on - $50

    Know Nature like you know your home -- we'll show you how 

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