Foundation: a Landowner's Manual
  • Foundation: a Landowner's Manual

    Enjoy and experience your new rural property more deeply with this beautiful, custom landowner's manual. It describes everything that makes the property unique, and gives the landowner the foundation they'll need to understand, appreciate, and care for their land. The landowner's manual is a full-size, premium quality, hardcover book with 64 color pages of maps, photos and explanations that are specific to the property. It is easy to read, and explains what you'll encounter and why it matters. Designed to be a foundation for lifelong outdoor learning, this book comes with a digital copy that has links to additional resources and information. Recommended for properties in a mostly natural condition, 3 acres or more in size. This makes a great gift for a new landowner, or add the promotional option to customize it for an unbeatable closing gift. 

    • Specifications

      • A 64 page, full color, 8.5x11" hardcover book with an attractive dust jacket, printed in your choice of background color
      • Includes maps, photos, diagrams and text covering terrain, climate, soils, geology, plants, wildlife, stewardship and more
      • We keep prices low by having you provide 5 photographs of the area.
      • The Promotional Option ($20) lets you include a personal message and have your business card printed on the first page and back cover, for an unforgettable closing gift
      • A hand-crafted leather dust-jacket can be added to make this book a keepsake piece for the property
      • Note, more maps are required to cover properties 1,000 acres and larger in adequate detail. Contact us to discuss your options and desires  

      What To Expect:  Once we receive your order, we'll email you with some questions about the land, its location, your color choice, and request the photographs, and business card. When we have all your information, it takes around 5 business days for us to create the digital copy of your book. If you haven't paid already, we'll bill you using our online payment service. Once we've received your payment, we'll send your book to the printer, and send you the digital copy. The printer will send your book directly to you. The whole process, from placing your order until you receive your book in the mail takes 10-20 business days. The leather cover option may take longer.


    Promotional Package - $20
    Hand-tooled leather cover $90

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