Just Enough Field Guide
  • Just Enough Field Guide

    This field guide is designed to help people fully enjoy and experience the outdoors, and pass on the skills. Don't be a babe in the woods anymore. Understand what's going on around you, how to read the landscape, plants and animals, and the human history in a natural place. You'll learn just enough to start engaging more deeply--just enough to be dangerous. It can be created for any natural or recreational area. Emphasizes learning just enough about the land to optimize the recreational experience.  The field guide describes everything that makes the area unique, and gives the visitor the foundation they'll need to understand what they see around them. It's a paperback book that's about 6x8", with 64 color pages of maps, photos and explanations that are specific to the area. While regular field guides cover big regions and can be difficult to use, this modern field guide covers the subject area, is easy to read, and explains what you'll encounter and why it matters.


    The field guide can be enjoyed on its own or offered for retail sale. Includes promotional options that let you customize it to your taste or brand, including ways to advertise your business or organization and show your support for the area. The price covers the cost of creation and one printed copy. Once the book is created, you'll have exclusive distribution rights and can order as many copies as you want from the printer, at $12 or less each, with quantity discounts.

    • Specifications

      • A 64-66 page, full color 5.8 x 8.3" softcover book that's professionally printed on premium satin paper with a glossy, cardstock cover. Includes maps with the area boundary or trails shown on them, photos and text covering terrain, climate, soils, geology, plants, wildlife, and more. 
      • We keep prices low by counting on you to provide 5 photographs of the area: 4 looking across the land and a good cover photo
      • Promotional Options
        • Option 1 ($20) gives you your choice of background color, your personal message to readers, and your business card printed on the front page and back cover
        • Option 2 ($30) adds a 2 page insert of your choice and design, along with your name and logo or other design on the front cover. This is a great way to really promote your business or organization and its ties to the featured area
        • Option 3 ($25) gives you 3 copies of a custom promotional poster to help advertise your support for the area and sponsorship of the field guide
      • More maps are required to cover areas 5,000 acres and larger in adequate detail. Please contact us to discuss options. 

      What To Expect: Once we receive your order, we'll email you with some questions about the land, its location, and request the photographs, business card and insert art. When we have all your information, it takes around 5 business days for us to create your field guide. If you haven't paid already, we'll bill you using our online payment service. Once we've received your payment, we'll send your field guide to the printer, and send you the link to the printer so you can order extra copies if you want. The printer will send them directly to you. The whole process, from placing your order until you receive your proof copy of the field guide in the mail takes 10-20 business days.

    Promotional Option 1 $20
    Promotional Option 2 - $30
    Promotional Option 3 - $25

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