Interpretive Visit from a Nature Expert
  • Interpretive Visit from a Nature Expert

    Enjoy and experience your favorite outdoor area or rural property more deeply by having a Nature expert come along and interpret things for you. This 1-2 hour service will give you insight into the stories happening on that landscape, as well as a method for observing and understanding the natural world wherever you happen to go. You select where you'd like to go ahead of time, and the Nature expert will come prepared to give you a structured but engaging explanation as you move through the landscape. They will also be ready to answer your questions. At the end of the visit, you will get an outline for the area that describes its unique and important features. Or, you can choose from our add-on options to create a more complete experience. Option 1 gives you your choice of custom book the Nature expert will produce for the area at half the regular price, and Option 2 includes the book plus a digital copy with embedded video clips from the interpretive walk.

      Add book - $115-$120
      Incorporate Video Into Book - $100

      Know Nature like you know your home -- we'll show you how 


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      We work across the lower 48 United States

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