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Use this captivating three-foot square wall map to show you across your region and the fundamentals of its Nature. Why buy an art-quality print that features a detailed map and other foundational information? Having something large that you can hang up is one of the best ways to get the overview, honor your region, and plan your explorations of it.


  • visit this link to locate your natural region. Search for a town near your location, click on the map exactly where you're interested in, and copy the name that's next to the third arrow down. This is your ecoregion:
  • Large, detailed, central map showing natural features of region and surrounding area
  • Photo tiles surround the map showing Earth's nine realms as expressed in the region, along with interpretive descriptions 
  • Printed on 10 mil photo paper
  • Suitable for framing

Region Map

  • Get an overview of the region on this map, then look closely at the places you already know, the ones you want to explore, the region’s edges and its middle. Think of your memories and experiences in the region and find where they took place on the map. Build mental images of the country, how places are juxtaposed, where the drainages head. Shift from the big map to the map tiles for pictures of Earth’s realms across the region. Use what’s on this map to pique your curiosity and inspire your explorations, again and again. When this becomes a go-to activity, you’ve found connection.


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