Use these virtual 3-D globes to discover outdoor experiences you can have in this region, then learn some of the science that’s behind them. Why buy digital models you can manipulate and explore on your phone or laptop? They’re fun to use and the challenge of getting at the knowledge helps you value it more.

  • three globes with separate experiences and scientific phenomena described for each of the nine realms plus a file containing instruction globes
  • visit this link to locate your region of interest:
  • you will receive an email with ten GLB model files attached

Regional 3-D Science Globes

  • Spend time in the realms exploring their globes and the messages they contain. You’ll find images and descriptions of experiences you can have in the region, and inside each one an explanation of the broader phenomenon they represent. Knowing the science will help you perceive more when you’re in Nature and solidify your sense of the realms. When you start asking questions and looking for answers—outdoors and in our shared body of scientific knowledge—you’ll be ready for the last step.