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Use this economical, phone-formatted PDF file to develop your sense of place and identify with a unique landscape. Why buy a digital copy you can read on your phone? It will be at your fingertips where you can read it often, making it easy to familiarize yourself with the tales, reaffirm your ties to the region, and grow your sense of belonging. 


  • visit this link to locate your natural region. Search for a town near your location, click on the map exactly where you're interested in, and copy the name that's next to the third arrow down. This is your ecoregion:
  • you will receive an email with the PDF attached.

Regional Tales for Your Phone

  • Read these tales and look closely at their pictures, then revisit them again and again. You’ll start to see the region’s landscape transform into a definitive place with a distinctive look and a unique past and present—one filled with familiar characters and stories that align with Earth’s themes. When you feel some understanding and connection with place, you’ll be ready to take the next step.

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