Put this Opt In for Earth sticker somewhere you'll see it often to remember you’re up for the challenge of building a lifelong relationship with our home planet. Why buy a sticker with the Opt In logo? You'll be inspired to think differently about Earth and Nature each time you see it, and you can let your friends know it's something you care about.


.: 3 x 3 inch sticker
.: Material: water-resistant vinyl with a matte finish
.: Easy peel backing
.: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Opt In for Earth Sticker

  • Use this sticker to reaffirm your choice to overcome modern culture’s contradictory pressures and have a deeply rewarding relationship with our home planet. 

    Each time you see it, think about your relationship with Earth—our only home in the universe. Are you ready to give it your love, respect, and gratitude? That will require some of your time, attention, and understanding. Commit to it and you're ready to take on the next step.