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Sharpen Your Skills:

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Realm of Air

Practice acknowledging Earth's realm of air; strive to make it part of being outside. This bead gives you an easy way to keep tabs on something that's hard to see... by looking for its visible activities. Make it a habit and feel more connected with Nature.

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Sense air: watch clouds for clues to what upper level air is doing. Feel its humidity as you inhale and its temperature and movement against your face. This bead reminds you to directly experience the Realm of Air and its stories through your senses.

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Focus on air's science-based stories of weather and climate, layers and density, and moving heat. This bead will help you keep them in the back of your mind to frame your experiences of air and fit them into Earth's big narratives.

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Learn just enough about air to turn your experiences into interactive discovery with growing insight over time. This bead sets you up for a cycle of sensing, wondering, and learning that originates with basic knowledge of its fluid turbulence that creates weather, reading clouds to understand conditions at different levels, and air masses. These apps will help:

Apple / Android App Field Guide to Clouds: describes different types of clouds and how they form 

Apple / Android App Zoom Earth: live satellite-based weather map with wind, rain, temperature, pressure  

Web App: global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions that includes upper level air and jet streams

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