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Sharpen Your Skills:

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Realm of Rock

Practice acknowledging Earth's realm of rock; strive to make it part of being outside. This bead gives you an easy ritual to follow that builds familiarity with rock and how it's always changing. Make it a habit and feel more connected with Nature.

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Sense rock: inspect its varied colors and patterns, feel its texture against your skin, scratch and break it if you can to determine hardness. This bead reminds you to directly experience the Realm of Rock and its stories through your senses.

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Focus on rock's science-based stories of myriad minerals, of recycled rock, and of history in rock. This bead will help you keep them in the back of your mind to frame your experiences of rock and fit them into Earth's big narratives.

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Learn just enough about rock to turn your experiences into interactive discovery with growing insight over time. This bead sets you up for a cycle of sensing, wondering, and learning that originates with basic knowledge of its most common types, surface rock formations, and what they and their constituent rocks reveal about Earth's history. These apps will help:

Apple / Android App Rock Identifier Stone ID: identifies rocks and minerals from photos and provides information on their properties

Apple / Android App Rockd: shows and describes surface rock formations and other geology for the U.S.

Web App Earth Viewer: interactive map that explains geologic time periods and shows changes through time 

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