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Sharpen Your Skills:

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We all have innate abilities we count on to get through modern life, passed down from ancestors that relied on them to survive in the natural world. Your abilities to practice, sense, focus, and learn can be sharpened into skills for connecting with Nature. They'll give you engagement and immersion, meaning and reverie in the outdoors, experiences that'll help you feel happiness and part of something bigger.

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Sharpen FOCUS to experience meaning outdoors. To get there, you'll switch out your normal lenses for ones that help you see Nature's realms. But first, you'll need to pay attention to what's on your mind, replace it with a FOUNDATIONAL STORY,  IGNORE DISTRACTIONS that pull your attention away, then INTERPRET WHAT YOU SENSE as fitting into Nature’s story instead of something meaningless.

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Sharpen SENSES to experience immersion outdoors. To get there, you'll expand how you gather information in Nature for each of the realms. But first you'll need to pay closer attention to the SIGHTS & SOUNDS, the SMELLS & TASTES, and the FEELINGS & SENSATIONS of the natural world to help your senses grow stronger and more perceptive.

Sharpen PRACTICE to experience engagement outdoors. To get there, you'll PERFORM SIMPLE RITUALS THAT CENTER YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IN NATURE, rituals you'll learn for each of the realms. But first you'll have to OVERCOME OBSTACLES like doubt, inertia, and self-consciousness, then REPEAT THEM OFTEN until they're part of your outdoor routine.

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Sharpen LEARNING to experience reverie outdoors. To get there, you'll use the learning topic tips and apps for each of the realms. But first, you'll need to get in the habit of letting yourself  WONDER, then SPECULATE on how things work, then FIND EVIDENCE or LOOK IT UP to start deepening your knowledge in a process that builds on itself.

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