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Sharpen Your Skills:

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Realm of Wildlife

Practice acknowledging Earth's realm of wildlife; strive to make it part of being outside. This bead lets you blur the lines and find commonality between yourself and wildlife. Make it a habit and feel more connected with Nature.

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Sense wildlife: listen for their sounds, smell their distinctive odors, and keep your eyes open for movement and the details of how they look. This bead reminds you to directly experience the Realm of Wildlife and its stories through your senses.

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Focus on wildlife's science-based stories of harvesting energy, animal evolution, and genes, populations, and species. This bead will help you keep them in the back of your mind to frame your experiences and see how they fit into Earth's big narratives.

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Learn just enough about wildlife to turn your experiences into interactive discovery with growing insight over time. This bead sets you up for a cycle of sensing, wondering, and learning that originates with basic knowledge of the vertebrate family tree, species' behavior, and the signs individuals leave behind. These apps will help:

Apple / Android Merlin App: identify birds by call and sight

Apple / Android Seek App: wildlife identification and descriptions 

Web App OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer: interactive family tree of vertebrates 

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