Vacation Rental Owners-

Your guests will enjoy their stay more if you show them  your property's unique and fascinating qualities
How does your rental compete with others in the area? 
If your property is in a natural condition, use our Foundation booklet to gain a competitive edge. It explains all of the natural features on the property, and highlights what makes your property unique. Use this information to promote your rental as a Nature retreat
Do you want to increase visitor satisfaction?
Enhance your guests’ experience by helping them enjoy your property. Because travelers often appreciate what locals take for granted, they might find your patch of Nature with a short trail and outdoor sitting area more enjoyable than other local attractions. Our Foundation booklet and Nature Portfolio will give you ideas on what to emphasize, and let you capitalize on something most rental owners overlook
What information do you provide for your guests? 
Leave one of our attractive booklets on the coffee table for your guests to discover. They'll appreciate seeing a custom Nature interpretation for the property, and have a richer experience because of it

Our Foundation booklet shows you and your guests how special your property is. Like a premium quality magazine combined with the type of nature interpretation you'd find in a park, this booklet lays out what's happening on the property. It covers each important topic ranging from its climate, geology and soils, to its vegetation, wildlife and cultural history. It's an affordable way to provide your guests with an additional amenity, and give you the background to answer questions they might have. For added depth, purchase our Nature Portfolio, and make your vacation rental like an ecotourism getawayEach booklet is custom created by a regional nature expert and is easy to read, with plenty of maps, images, and engaging text. It also comes with a digital file that has hyperlinks to explore topics further.

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