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verb. To feel integrated with the natural world such that it becomes part of one's identity.

Connect with Nature:

You probably learned to enjoy it from the people in your life. Or school, clubs, or watching shows.  But there's so much more to connecting with Nature: it's a journey that takes you both inward and outward, and it isn't hard.

So you like Nature...

In five simple steps you'll have found your way to connection. It starts with embracing Earth, then you'll master Nature's basics, add foundational science, sharpen your skills, and finish by discovering the land's unique stories.

A new and easy path?

Products to help you: 

We offer new and inventive, non-technical items to assist you with every step. Our products are truly unique in the world of Nature learning: holistic, playful, and science-based. With each step you complete, you’ll be able to access the next and use what you've learned outdoors.


Step 1: Rethink


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Step 2: Master


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Step 3: Get to know Nature's


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Step 4: Sharpen your


Step 5: Reunite with

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