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Our path, your journey 

Follow our path to Nature literacy and connection step by step. It leads to understanding, belonging, and happiness no matter how you enjoy the outdoors.


Your first step: connect with Earth

Start at Nature's source: Earth. Admit you depend on it, recognize you're part of it, decide to embrace it. 

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Step two: master Nature's basics

Nature is what Earth does. Begin at the global level to make learning on-the-ground details easier.

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Step three: add some science

Science has uncovered Nature's operating principles. Deepen your outdoor experiences with key concepts.

The fourth step: Awaken old abilities

Nature was our cradle and it shaped our bodies and minds. Revive your old skills for being at home in the natural world.

The fifth step: Exercise empathy

Nature connection thrives on empathy. Learn simple ways to engage with what's around you and strengthen your bonds.

The sixth step: Find your sense of place

We live in natural regions that are distinctive expressions of Earth. Discover what makes yours unique and a part of your identity.

The seventh step: Bond with the land

Land is Nature at the scale we can relate to. Go to the land and apply what you've learned to connect with Nature directly. 

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