Imagine if you went outside…

and the earth switched on for you:

you'd feel Earth's spin, catch a glimpse of ancient landscapes in rocks underfoot, sense trees communicating, and hear a thousand generations in each bird's song.


If this doesn't describe your outdoor experiences,

we have a pathway that will lead you there. 

We have it in us
For most of history we've been surrounded by Nature and bound by strong ties to the land: emotions and empathy for the natural world that haven’t left us, they’re just buried by culture and habit. What would it mean for us—and Earth—if they could be reawakened?

Our lives could be richer
We tap into old emotions when we get outdoors. But the experiences could be more intense, with discovery and engagement every time. It's called connecting with Nature, and it brings all kinds of benefits, from a sense of belonging to greater happiness.

The situation
We like Nature, but we don’t connect. We’ve forgotten how and it isn't a priority in our consumer culture, even though we need it to survive. Maybe that's because it hasn't had the focused development, branding, and promotion that make other products part of our lives.

The need
Earth is stunning once we pay attention, but Nature as we know it is in trouble. Could the marketplace persuade us to respect—even love—Nature once again? We know love is more compelling than fear when it comes to stepping up and making the right choices. 

The opportunity
Parks and other wildlands give us contact with Nature but how do we put aside our modern habits to really connect? We need a pathway that takes us there. Land Explained has created one that’s easy, engaging, and anyone can follow it. We just need to open ourselves and opt in.

See our pathway

Photo art with NASA’'s “Blue Marble”