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We live removed from Nature, but have a primal need to connect with it in all its beauty, order, meaning, and renewal. Mainstream culture doesn't show us how to connect, or that it's the difference between being an outsider and being family. Connection happens on the land, through our senses, in the context of larger truths. Our products are about restoring that missing piece of the human experience and making it available in today's marketplace.

Telling Nature's Stories

Somewhere in our rush toward progress, we lost our ties to the land. We stopped passing down its stories, and set aside the natural world for scientists to figure out. But we still have the ability to learn about and appreciate it--it's inside each of us. Your Land Explained seeks to reawaken it through products that are relevant to you. We blend land and Nature expertise with scientific and map-based information to tell modern-day stories about the land, with a variety of products and formats designed to meet different needs.

Nature Insights & Discussion

They're free, so check back often. We cover interesting topics as six-part miniseries with two brief posts a week. It's a fun way to build your understanding of the world around you. Or you can get regular updates by following us on your favorite social media app. Sign up at the bottom of this page

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What if people wanted to understand the world around them in a more meaningful way? Not just the human world, but the natural world that still supports us? And in that deeper way that we once did, but also enlightened by science?  What if there was an easy way to get the specific information they needed, for a place that mattered to them, and for the purposes they had in mind? That's the vision we are working toward. It boils down to reconnecting people with Nature.


Our mission is to help people understand Nature more deeply on land that is important to them. We want to make learning enjoyable and personal so that a person can begin at any level, and end up feeling enriched, informed, and with a lifelong curiosity about Nature. As you develop your relationship with the land, we hope to become your reliable companion and source for answers.

About Us

This Colorado-based business is building a cooperative of naturalists across the U.S. to provide regional land and Nature expertise. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and appreciation of Nature. Our customers tap into this individual passion and expertise while being assured of a high quality product. Although customized for each property, products have a consistent look, feel, and value from one region to the next. The product line will continue to expand and evolve as we develop new ways to explain the intricacies of your natural and rural lands. 

Regional Nature Experts Needed

If you know the natural history of a region in the US, consider joining us. We need people who want to share and benefit from their knowledge of the natural world. 


Know Nature like you know your home -- we'll show you how 

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