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Get to know Nature's

foundational stories

verb. To use science-based narratives as a framework for one's exploration and understanding of Nature.

About Step 3

We live in a world that's been redefined by science. Turning science into mythic stories is a new way to foster deepening appreciation for Earth and Nature, and the perfect  framework for growing our knowledge.

In this step, you’ll choose from an array of items that take you inside Earth’s realms to learn foundational, science-based stories. This will ground your Nature experiences in humanity's collective knowledge and give you structure for continued discovery. After picking the format you like best, you'll watch the clip to learn how to connect sensory experiences with awareness-expanding, Earth-centric narratives for more insight and awe in the outdoors.

Products to help you:

each item in this collection familiarizes you with essential science. They come in a variety of innovative and engaging formats and feature the realms filled with beautiful images and bronze pyramids inscribed with brief, understandable science stories. Usually, science instruction is stiff and boring, but these products invite you to explore them and then the outdoors, adding intuition and engagement to your experiences.

Adding science outdoors:

Watch this one-minute clip and start noticing the biggest stories unfolding in Nature— they're happening everywhere, all the time. You just need to look deep enough to see the writing on the pyramid. Once curiosity kicks in and you want to know more, it will be time to hone your outdoor skills in the next step.

Are you ready to sharpen your skills?

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