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verb. To honor Earth by getting to know its realms and their backstories.

Master Nature's basics:

About Step 2

We make sense of the world with characters and stories, not facts and figures. Seeing Earth as the protagonist and knowing its backstory is a new foundation for Nature connection, one that everything else rests on.

In this step you’ll be initiated into Earth’s realms— its fundamental divisions of Nature— and their stories unfolding at the global level. They're featured on a variety of practical items that make it easy to absorb them over time. After choosing which item works best for you, watch the clip and learn how to find the stories happening anywhere you go.

Products to help you:

each of these everyday items presents a beautiful view of Earth condensed into easily understood realms and backstories to help you master Nature's basics. Unlike typical Nature education, you’ll discover universal plot lines instead of memorizing random facts. And, you'll be able to apply what you've learned outdoors to access more awareness and happiness there.

Mastering Nature's basics outdoors:

Watch this one-minute clip and start looking at Nature in terms of Earth’s realms. Keep snippets of the backstories in your head, ready to make sense of whatever you encounter in Nature in the most profound way. Once you're in the habit, you'll be eager to learn more and ready for the next step.

Are you ready to add science?

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