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verb. to reflect on your ties to this planet and what you think about it.

Rethink Earth:

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About Step 1

We depend on Earth for our substance, sustenance, and survival. Acknowledging this with an up-front commitment to embrace Earth is a new approach to Nature connection, one that motivates us to give it our best shot.

In this step, you’ll explore your relationship with Earth by looking through the design gallery. Each design offers a positive way to relate to Earth and Nature and gets you thinking about why daily life doesn’t. Then choose to embrace Earth and symbolize it by selecting a design and an item to print it on. Afterwards, watch the video and use its simple mantra when you go outdoors.

Design gallery:

browse through the designs and their descriptions to understand what it means to embrace Earth, then choose one that symbolizes it best for you.

Products to help you:

each of these useful items will help you create a meaningful symbol for embracing Earth. Select one to be printed with your chosen design, and you'll have a symbol that's far more significant than regular Nature merch because of the awareness and commitment it represents. Without these, you'll have trouble connecting with Nature and miss out on its many benefits.

Embracing Earth outdoors:

watch this one-minute clip and start repeating its mantra when you notice something or someplace natural. Do it enough,and you'll free yourself from ideas of separation we pick up from modern culture. When you feel closer to Earth, you'll want to know it better and be ready for the next step.

Are you ready to master Nature's basics?

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