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Sharpen your skills, verb. To use scientifically supported narratives as the basis for one's exploration of Nature.

About this step

You’ll enter each of Earth’s realms to find their foundational, science-based stories and see vivid, real-world examples. This will ground you in the forces and processes that drive Nature across the globe and establish the habit of connecting your sensory experiences with profound, Earth-centric narratives. Take this knowledge and habit outdoors to experience more insight and awe in Nature.

Products to help you

This collection familiarizes you with essential science in fun and innovative formats. Each one features realm-globes filled with beautiful images and bronze pyramids inscribed with brief, understandable science explained in story form.  Unlike most science instruction, these products empower you to explore them and then the outdoors with intuition and engagement.



One Minute Video

When you're outdoors, notice something, identify it and what realm you think it represents. Find which part of its theme you're experiencing. Do it enough, and you'll have snippets of the themes in your head, ready to make sense of whatever you encounter in Nature in the most profound way .  

Are you ready to awaken old abilities?

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