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Step 1:
Embrace Earth

Nature connection begins and ends with this undeniable fact: you are part of Earth... so celebrate it!

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About this step

This step plants an all-important idea in your head: you aren’t separate and isolated from Earth or Nature, but an inseparable part of them. It leads you through a gallery of designs, sayings, and cartoons with different takes on the human-Earth relationship and explains why embracing Earth is harder than you’d think. Then, it helps you commit to doing it.

Products to help you

We offer a variety of designs and useful items to symbolize your commitment. Unlike other Nature merch, they remind you you're part of this amazing planet from which all Nature flows, making connection worth your time and attention. If you don't have a strong sense of this, you'll lose motivation to stay on the pathway to connection and all the fulfillment it brings.


Browse through the gallery, inspect the designs, and read each description to learn about embracing Earth, its benefits and obstacles. Choose one or two designs, next, pick an item to print them on. Fill out the order and we'll take care of the rest. You'll find yourself renewing your commitment each time you use your creation and remembering you’re part of Earth when you’re out in Nature.


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One Minute Video

When you're outdoors, notice something, react to it, then remind yourself: "I am part of this". Do it enough, and you'll break through ideas of separation we pick up from modern culture. When you identify with Nature instead of separate from it, you'll want to learn more.

Embracing Earth means wanting to know it better. Now you're ready to master Nature's basics.

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