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Step 1: Connect with Earth

You are part of Earth. Create something that expresses this undeniable fact. It will help you admit it, recognize it, and decide to embrace it, which is pivotal for connecting with Nature.

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Make something to remember your connection

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It's obvious once you think about it: we're shaped by Earth and made of its elements. It shelters, feeds, and sustains us, even exchanges its molecules with us. Wouldn't your outdoor experiences be that much richer if you kept this top of mind?


The act of creation lets you see things in new ways, including our planet. Choose a design to remember you want to embrace Earth, then pick an item to print it on. Unique among environmental pledges, these designs are part of a bigger process designed to connect you with Nature and all the peace and happiness that brings. 


#1. Review each of these designs and read through their descriptions. 

Designs for embracing Earth

#2. Decide which designs you want to use to signify your commitment. 

Items for printing