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Step 1:
Embrace Earth

Nature connection begins and ends with this undeniable fact: you are part of Earth... so celebrate it!

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About this step

Modern culture doesn't love Nature, and by extension, Earth. That's why we don't teach, talk about, or treat it the way we ought to, considering our lives depend on it. Because culture shapes us through and through, embracing Earth starts with understanding how far mainstream culture has distanced us from it. This step helps you see the dilemma, and start recognizing yourself as a part of Earth instead of separate.

Products to help you

We offer a variety of attractive and useful items you can personalize as a symbolic commitment to embrace Earth. Browsing through them will get you thinking critically about what that means. Unlike typical Nature studies and merch, this approach has you realizing you're part of Earth— the source of Nature— making connection worth your time and attention. If you don't have a strong sense of this, you'll lose your motivation to stay on the pathway to connection and all the happiness and fulfillment it brings.


Make your commitment to embrace Earth; design a cup, t-shirt, sticker, or another item you can use every day as a tangible reminder. Begin by browsing through the designs and reading about them, then choose one or two that mean the most to you. Next, pick an item to print them on. Fill out the order and we'll get it shipped to you. Then, each time you use your creation you'll be renewing your commitment, each time you go outside, you'll remember you're part of this.


Swipe through the designs and read their descriptions to learn what embracing Earth is all about.



One Minute Video

When you're outdoors, notice something, react to it, then remind yourself: "I am part of this". Do it enough, and you'll break through ideas of separation we pick up from modern culture. When you identify with Nature instead of separate from it, you'll want to learn more.

Are you ready to master Nature's basics?

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