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Use these foldable cardstock blocks and discover an easy way to engage with Earth’s creations in your region. Why buy foldable blocks you can build and manipulate with your hands? They’re the next best thing to holding and examining real objects you’d find in Nature, plus they make learning more fun. l


  • visit this link to locate your natural region. Search for a town near your location, click on the map exactly where you're interested in, and copy the name that's next to the third arrow down. This is your ecoregion:
  • Set of 10 block patterns, includes instructions
  • Available in 2 sizes: 2.6 or 3.5 inches on a side

Regional Engagement Paper Blocks

  • Turn each of these blocks over and over until you’ve learned the basic pattern of questions and answers, of interacting with and wondering about the things in Nature that catch your eye. Use them to reinforce your growing sense of connection with Earth and your region. Practice doing this outdoors with objects you find. When your first impulse is to interact with empathy, when you’ve broadened your perspective on realm and region, when feelings of kinship start to take root, go to the next step.


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